Why Covid may literally have us tearing our hair out

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The expression ‘bad hair day’ is one that we throw around to describe anything from frizz to colour fade, split ends to morning-after hair. Our relationship with our hair is an ongoing and changing, one that ties in with our self-image. In terms of hair issues, thinning and loss are therefore often two of the most emotional. While they are physical occurrences, they can have a significant mental impact on confidence and general well-being.

There is a variety of reasons for hair thinning or loss, which can vary significantly from one person to another. There may be hormonal issues, such as thyroid imbalances or nutritional deficiencies. Certain medical conditions and their treatment can affect hair condition and growth, or hair loss itself can be the medical condition (alopecia).

Recent social media frenzies around the connection between Covid 19 and hair loss (Alyssa Milano had quite a rant on Twitter) have seen increased Google searches looking to link the two. As of yet there is no scientific evidence that the coronavirus itself causes hair thinning or loss. Instead, medical researchers and doctors attribute it to a reversible condition called telogen effluvium. After a period of emotional stress or trauma, the body focuses on essential functions and because hair growth isn’t essential, normal hair loss isn’t replenished. Generally, after the stress has reduced or passed, the body begins to recalibrate and hair growth begins again. The waiting period can be frustrating and, while there is no magic bullet, there are some targeted products that can help.

Based on 25 years of research into ‘dormant follicles’ and oxidative stress, L’Oreal has launched its breakthrough Serioxyl range. This is a unisex product range that counteracts stress on the scalp (think emotional stress, pollution, nutrition and lifestyle) and creates denser looking and fuller feeling hair. With shampoos for natural or coloured hair, thickening scalp conditioner for all hair types and serums and treatments for denser and thicker hair, Serioxyl is fast becoming the panacea for hair thinning and loss. Its hypoallergenic formulations are simple to apply.

Covid has stripped us of many things but your confidence shouldn’t be one of them. Eat well, rest, be kind to yourself and, where you can, invest in products that can offer targeted solutions. If lifestyle adjustment isn’t helping, talk to your GP and together you can figure out what may be going on. And remember that you are still you and you are fabulous.

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