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Seeing as so many of us have concerns of thin or fine hair, a key way to make your hair thicker is to have a suitable haircare routine. Our new thickening range, Serioxyl, can help you achieve the perfect level of fullness, by adding thickness, density and lift to the hair. Using both an at-home Fuller Hair Kit and one or both of the Super Serums will maximise your thickening result.

Let Serioxyl take care of your thin hair. The intense thickening range immediately helps hair look denser and lifted. It helps improve the look of the hair fibre density and is ideal for use on fine hair. Try our complete kits today to make your hair feel thicker and healthier

SERIOXYL is a range specifically designed for thinning hair. It is suitable for people with a lack of density and/or who have a sensitive scalp.

SERIOXYL has two shampoos (one for coloured and one for natural hair) and a conditioner which is hypoallergenic and specifically suitable for those with a sensitive scalp.

They go hand in hand with our two star serums; Denser hair and Thicker hair which plumps and bodifies the hair.

SERIOXYL Thinning Haircare Products

Your personalised thickening haircare programme begins with an individual consultation with your L’Oréal Professionnel hairdresser, allowing them to design the perfect Fuller Hair service for you. 

Following the 3-Step Fuller Hair programme, start with a Deep Scalp Cleansing Routine using the appropriate Serioxyl shampoo and conditioner to refresh and cleanse your scalp. Treat with Serioxyl Super Serums; Thicker Hair or Denser Hair, depending on your hair needs to leave hair looking thicker or denser and  finish with a root volume mousse before styling. 

Serioxyl Shampoo 

Clarifying & densifying* shampoo for natural thinning hair. Hypoallergenic formula, suitable for sensitive scalps. Also available for coloured hair. Cleanses the scalp of impurities, whilst bodifying the hair. L’Oréal advanced research has developed a clarifying shampoo for thin and coloured hair. Its hypoallergenic formula enriched in MAGNESIUM SULFATE and POLYSORBATE 21 purifies the scalp and bodifies the fiber for densified and cleansed hair.

Serioxyl Conditioner

Thickening* & detangling scalp conditioner for thinning hair. Hypoallergenic formula, suitable for sensitive scalps. This conditioner cares & detangles the fiber without weighing it down, whilst thickening the appearance of hair for an immediate densifying effect*.

Both the shampoo and conditioner contain POLYSORBATE 21 An agent known for its soothing properties and MAGNESIUM SULFATE
An agent known for its strenghtening effects on fiber.

Serioxyl Limerick ShopSerioxyl Denser Hair Serum 

This innovative treatment serum, Denser Hair by L’Oréal Professionnel, is a daily solution that improves hair density. Applied directly to the scalp every day for three months, it boosts the hair density in as little as 6 weeks * *clinical study, 79 subjects for 6 weeks.

State of the art technology and relentless research has led to the innovative usage of Stemoxydine and Resvératrol for denser hair.

Stemoxydine is a patented molecule with a maximised 5% concetration that awakens the dormant follicle to create new hair.

A powerful antioxidant which works with Stemoxydine on the scalp for an express performance.

Serioxyl Thicker Hair Serum 

The thicker hair serum from Serioxyl is an everyday fiber thickening serum for the lengths that leaves hair looking thicker.  Enriched in Intra-Cylane, a thickening molecule born of ten years’ research to reveal hair that looks thicker and appears fuller to the touch.

Thanks to the action of Intra-Cylane, a powerful molecule from advanced research, your hair is thickened fiber to fiber, immediately.

Intra-Cylane penetrates into the hair fiber to create a revolutionary 3D network, magnetifying the hair fiber’s dynamic properties.

Visit our Online Shop to view the Serioxyl haircare range available at Hugh Campbell Hair Group, Limerick Hair Salons. 

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