Hugh Campbell Hair Group launch Limerick’s first dedicated Colour Zone

A Dedicated Service Needs a Dedicated Space –The Colour Zone Launches at Marbles Hair & Beauty Salon, Cruises St.

Bringing catwalk trends and international panache to the streets of Limerick has been the calling card of the Hugh Campbell Hair Group for almost four decades. The salons that comprise the Group – Cats, Marbles Castletroy, Melo Yelo and Marbles Hair & Beauty Cruises St. – all have a very individual aesthetic and serve different client demographics. Yet, all operate to the one winning formula; they know exactly what their clients want and they make it happen. Aware that high-quality colouring is the difference between a good hair day and a fabulous one, the Group has launched Limerick’s first dedicated Colour Zone at our Cruises Street salon.

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Anita O’Donnell, Salon Manager at Marbles explains the concept behind the new addition to what the very popular city centre salon already offers:  

We have partnered with L’Oreal Professional to design and deliver something very unique in Limerick. We want to bring the very latest colour trends to our clients, in a space that is creatively-charged while also relaxing. In the Colour Zone we can create signature colours and techniques that redefine the concept of bespoke style. There are two dominant trends in the hair industry at the moment that are Colour Zone specialties – precise colour placement and balayage/ colour shading with superb finishes. Myself and the team are so excited to launch this avant-garde space and service because we know that great colour is the foundation of great hair’.


The expert team behind the Colour Zone has been handpicked to lead this remarkable new venture. They are award-winning colourists, who have been trained by the industry giants at L’Oreal Professional. They represent that perfect balance between art and fashion, and can translate big trends into everyday wear. All undergo the continuous professional development that is synonymous with the Hugh Campbell Hair Group which means that as well as replicating trends, the Colour Zone will set them.

There are many elements that make the Colour Zone: It’s a quiet space away from the whirr of hair driers; it’s a place for one-on-one consultation, communication and creativity; and just as the name promises, it’s a zone where hair colour is elevated to a whole new level of vibrancy.

Book your  Appointment at the new Colour Zone at Marbles Hair & Beauty Salon Cruises St.

With three teams from the Group through to the finals of the prestigious L’Oreal Colour Trophy taking place this May, we foresee many Instagram-bound selfies being snapped in the new Colour Zone at Marbles. You can book your appointment at Marbles Colour Zone by calling 061410955 or logging on Incredible colour is literally only a swipe or click away.  It’s time to take your colour experience to a whole new level.