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Redken Acidic Bonding

Acidic Bonding Concentrate

Do you dream about having silky-smooth, shiny hair? Discover the latest professional in-salon treatment, Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate – the perfect prescription to treat dry, damaged, dull hair.

Strengthen, hydrate and gloss your hair all in one. Our team can customise the Acidic Bonding Concentrate mixture to target your hairs specific needs adding protein and or moisture visibly reducing the appearance of surface damage and leaving your hair looking smoother and healthier with a beautiful glossy shine.

And the best part? You can maintain those dreamy, salon-fresh results with the complete Redken Acidic Bonding homecare range now available in all Hugh Campbell Hair Group, Limerick salons. Shop instore or visit our Online Shop to browse the entire Redken ABC collection. 

Ask your stylist about the Redken Acidic Bonding Treatment on your next visit or even better add it to your next appointment and experience your hair at it’s best. 


Your stylist will assess your hair’s need for protein and/or moisture. 

Step 1.   Acidic Moisture Concentrate ( if dryness is a concern)

Applied to shampooed, towel dried hair and left on for a minimum of 5 minutes to add moisture, hydrate and soften dry hair.   

 Step 2. Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate ( if damage is a concern )

Applied to shampooed, towel dried  hair and left on for a minimum of 5 minutes to add protein, strengthen and repair the hair.  

 Step 3. Acidic pH Sealer 

Applied by spraying over the concentrates (after the initial 5 mins), to lock in the treatment and seal the hair giving a beautiful glossy finish.

Rinse and follow with Acidic Bonding Conditioner.  

What’s you main hair concern?

Dryness and damage are in the top five main hair concerns. Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate targets and treats these issues.

Dryness – To treat dryness and replenish moisture levels follow Step 1 and skip to Step 3.

Damage -To repair damage and strengthen weakened hair follow Step 2 and skip to Step 3. 

Dryness & Damage – To treat dryness and damage follow all three steps in the process, layering the concentrates. 

To treat damage with dryness do Step 2 and skip to Step 3. 

Acidic Bonding Concentrate Homecare

Love the results from your in-salon Acidic Bonding treatment? prolong these and continue to care for your hair with Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate homecare. Shop the full range online or instore at Hugh Campbell Hair Group, Limerick hair salons. 


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