Alright Spring, do your thing…

St. Patricks Day at Hugh Campbell Hair Group

March marks the one-year anniversary of when life as we knew it changed so dramatically. It has been a tough year, one of fear, loss and uncertainty. Hope is, however, most definitely in the air – there is a vaccine, it’s being rolled out and restrictions will begin to ease. Spring is always about renewal and growth and that is particularly symbolic this year. We’re almost out of hibernation so it won’t be long before we can hug those we love, experience life beyond our living rooms and hand our hair care back over to the professionals.

This year has taught us that we can do hard things. We stayed apart so that when we can be together again, nobody is missing. We dressed up doing the weekly grocery shop because that became the only outing of the week. Businesses closed their doors and customers showed their support by purchasing on line. We stood together and we will come out the other side, united and grateful.

While we all dreaded January, doesn’t it feel like time is suddenly flying by? The much talked about ‘stretch in the evening’ has made an appearance and daffodils are starting to emerge along all of Limerick’s popular walking spots. March has broken some of the monotony of the winter and lockdown, with two celebrations of women – International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day . When you add in the at-home fun of virtual St. Patrick’s Day parades, this month really is the breathing space that we all needed.

Here at Hugh Campbell Hair Group we recognise that we are surrounded by amazing women – our clients, our team and our families – and we celebrate each and every one of you, not just this week, but always. And on March 17th, we honour our rich cultural heritage and the huge effort we made as a small country in the face of a global pandemic. The celebrations may be much quieter than usual, but they are every bit as heartfelt.

Hugh and the team

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