What you Need to Know before going from Brunette to Blonde


With the rise of influential Instagram hair transformations, here at Hugh Campbell Hair Group, we are seeing more and more clients visiting the salon opting for a bold transformations, such as going from a dark brunette to a beautiful blonde. However, dependent on the clients base colour, the reality is often very different from Instagram. To reach the final result, this can often take multiple appointments to achieve the desired colour of choice. This could be fewer however it all depends on the colour history of you, the client.

So, how do we determine the hair journey? When you visit the salon, your colourist will conduct an in depth colour consultation, to determine your bespoke hair plan. They will take into account your hair type and texture, the current colour of your hair, the build up of artificial colour and also your lifestyle. All these factors are hugely important to the process. Once examined the plan will be put in place.

After your consultation we can give you an estimate of the cost involved in undertaking such a colour change. We can tailor the process to suit most budgets. However, whilst natural hair lightens easily,  the big challenge is when the hair has been previously coloured because the history of the hair greatly influences the process as some colours will lift out of the hair easier than others and this can be the expensive part, sometimes requiring more patience on the client’s part. Healthy hair is always our priority.

Colour Change Before AfterGenerally, the darker the hair the more warmth that is present and that results in a longer period of time to lighten and neutralise the base. This means that throughout the transition you may experience some warmer tones, however this is all part of the process! With the use of toners and silver shampoos this can be reduced massively.

When taking you through the transition, we would of course recommend SmartBond by L’Oreal, which is a must for maintaining strength throughout the hair when using a bleach. This also locks in moisture whilst restoring the protein levels within the hair. 


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