Beach Blondes – Your Guide to Summer 19

Summertime means sunshine, holidays, festivals and of course …Blonder Hair 

As the height of summer approaches, or at least we hope it is approaching ! many of you, our clients, are opting to go lighter to embrace the sunshine and lighter vibes. With blonde being the hair colour trend of the season, there are many options to achieving the perfect blonde to suit your complexion and lifestyle whilst ensuring it looks as natural and as subtle as possible making it easier for you to maintain.

PMLOreal photos HCHG logo 2 blondes 1LA Blonde

This is one of the trends of SS19, with inspiration taken from the likes of GiGi Hadid, Margot Robbie and Ashley Benson. This look is part of the ‘undone trend’ from early 2018 and features a dark root with lots of brightness throughout the ends. It gives the effect of a grown out root and is very simple yet noticeable. This can be created using a variety of different lightening techniques.

Sun Kissed Blonde

One of our all time favourites! This technique can be created by simply adding a gloss colour to already lightened hair all over or in specific sections. This is a very subtle colour and great for those who are looking for a softer change with minimal damage. Gloss colours tend to seal the cuticle locking in the colour and nourishing the hair.

Beach Blonde

Think beautiful, natural looking highlights. Our stylists achieve this look by using either meche foils or the freehand balayage technique, painting the colour directly onto the hair in order to blend naturally with the root. Dependent on the lightening effect required, our stylists will tailor this colour to suit your personal preferences to achieve your desired look.

Sand Ash  Blonde

For those who want a subtle change but still want it to be noticeable, the combination of beige and platinum tones can create a beautiful blend, light enough to notice but subtle enough not to make a statement.

Any of the above trends can be created by our colourists within the Hugh Campbell Hair Group, Limerick Salons. Our Colour Experts have various different techniques and service options available for achieving your perfect beach blonde this Summer. Discover our latest Colour Menu here