Wedding Hair Prep – Bridal Hair Timeline

Wedding Season is in Full Swing!

Now that Spring has arrived, here at Hugh Campbell Hair Group we are looking forward to and preparing for Summer, also known as bridal season!

Wedding season is almost as chaotic as the festive period, with many of our stylists being fully booked with bridal parties and guest appointments alongside their loyal clientele who want to ensure their hair is ‘Summer ready’! With this in mind, we have a fantastic bridal timeline for all you brides to be out there, to ensure we help you achieve your desired look and a smooth hair journey within our salons.


Upon booking the wedding to 14 months out

Once you have booked your wedding, you must quickly think about your hair for the day. We know there is so much to organise however your hair is incredibly important as this is part of your overall look. Around 14 months out, we recommend you chat to your chosen stylist about booking your wedding hair to ensure they can honour your request and book out suitable time for you and your bridal party. Check out our recommended bridal plan here…

Three months to go 

Choosing the style of hair for  a  wedding takes a lot of thought and experimenting  for every bride, it’s never just  a  one off  thing. With three months to go, this is a great time to  begin trialling different styles, we book you, the bride, in for an initial consultation and appointment, letting you share with us your desired look (s). When you come along we would ask you to bring along  images of styles  you  like as well as examples of  the  dress, jewellery and makeup which  you will be wearing on the day. It is key to get the right balance between these to avoid too much going on above the neckline. If  you  are planning on wearing a head piece or extensions it is essential for  you  to bring these along so the piece can be colour matched. Also at this stage we book in the future appointments.

In the weeks and months running up to your wedding day book in for regular hair maintenance appointments for colour, cutting and treatments. Your stylist will advise you on the best home care regime to keep your hair in optimum condition, healthy and shiny that will look amazing on your wedding day

One month to go 

We want your  hair to look it’s best on  your big day so remember  we need to keep it looking and feeling as healthy as possible. We would book appointments in with your chosen stylist (every six weeks) for regular trims as well as conditioning treatments to keep hair looking and feeling fresh . At this stage, we try  the  chosen style  with you again so you  know exactly how  this will look on your big day.

Two weeks to go 

At this point it’s all about maintaining the healthiest condition of the hair. We recommend another conditioning treatment so your hair feels and looks as healthy as possible.  

One week to go  

If your hair has been coloured this is the best time to touch up any regrowth so that  you  do not have any roots for  the  big day and so  the  colour is at  it’s  best.  


One day to go  

If time allows, we always suggest a shine treatment  the day before  the  wedding to give hair a glossy luxurious feel!  

Your wedding day  

It’s all about you. With the bridal plan nearly complete, our stylist will arrive/welcome you at the agreed time and get you and your bridal party ready for the big day.

Whether your hair is short, long or somewhere in between, the styles for your wedding day are endless. At Hugh Campbell hair group our dedicated wedding specialists can create the perfect wedding day hairstyle for you or any of your wedding party.  Call into to any of our Limerick  hair salons for a complimentary consultation and put your hair plan in place and schedule those all important appointments.