Top Tips for Caring for your Colour


With playful pastel colour being one of the hottest hair trends for 2019, caring for your colour is extremely important to ensure it’s long lasting, and looking and feeling great at all times

This year is all the Pantone Colour of the Year, Living Coral, becoming softer and much more commercial. Delicate shades such as Soft Peach, Veranda Blush and Sunset Snow are becoming extremely popular as we progress into the new season, but can often be hard to upkeep. Here at Hugh Campbell Hair Group, we want to ensure your colour looks and feels as fresh as it did when you left the salon, here are our top tips for caring for your colour.

1.       Wait 48 hours before washing your hair after visiting the salon for colour

The first and most important rule! We always advise waiting 48 hours before washing hair, as this allows maximum time for the hair to absorb the colour. Washing beforehand can often make hair fade a lot quicker.

2.       Use a salon professional colour extend shampoo and conditioner 

Retail products displayed within the salon have been specifically designed for many different hair types, textures and colours. Each has a purpose and has been designed specifically to care for and treat different hair concerns. Using a salon professional colour shampoo and conditioner helps keep colour fresh and delays fading. With silver grey blonde colour continuing to be a huge trend the retail brands have developed colour ranges specific for blonde hair to remove brassiness and add more tone. Amazing !

3.       Wash your hair less

Yes – we said it! Washing your hair every day strips the hair of its natural oils and also encourages colour fade, so we would advise washing hair two-three times per week maximum. In order to keep hair feeling fresh between washes, use a high quality dry shampoo to refresh hair and soak up excess oil at the root.

4.       Keep hair conditioned

Coloured hair looks so beautiful when it is healthy, well conditioned and has an unbelievable shine. To keep hair in incredible condition, we advise clients to undertake an intensive treatment whilst in the salon when having a colour service. This not only protects and strengthens the hair it also enhances the overall condition and prolongs the longevity of the colour.  We recommend investing in a professional retail treatment for home use, to maintain the colour and condition of the hair between salon appointments.

5.     Indulge in colour refresh services

Between appointments, colour refresh services are a must to ensure longevity of the colour and also to maintain a healthy shine. Within our new Colour Zone Menu we offer an express colour refresh service, which adds more depth, gloss and shine whilst of course reviving the colour at the same time. 

6.    Limit the use of heat on hair 

Heated appliances are a favourite with many clients, but to avoid colour fading, try to avoid using them so often. Perhaps on the weekend or between washes, trial a different style such as a top knot, braid or sleek ponytail, to avoid using a heated appliance. This small break from the heat can make a world of difference. If you need to use on a more regular basis invest in a professional heat protector to protect your hair and colour. 

For more expert advice on how to care for coloured hair talk to your stylist in salon or call in to any of our Limerick hair salons for a complimentary consultation and receive a professional hair care plan.