Summer hair care tips for afro textured and curly hair 


Caring for Afro Textured & Curly Hair – Top Tips from Hugh Campbell Limerick Hair Salons

curly hair Limerick Hair SalonsVoluminous, curly hair is a beautiful asset and one that should be shown off at every opportunity. However, as we approach the height of the summer, the hot weather and natural elements can cause havoc with textured hair, creating frizzy, flat and sometimes extremely dry hair.

Here we explain why the weather affects the hair and the steps you should take to keep it looking and feeling as amazing.  Alternatively, book an appointment at your local Hugh Campbell hair salon in Limerick and our stylists will be able to advise  you.

Why does my hair dry out during the summer months?

When the sun shines, hair is overly exposed to the UV rays and heat and in turn this affects the strength of the hair, and completely soaks up all the moisture. However, this doesn’t only happen in the summer, but throughout the entire year. We find summer is more intense due to the temperature.  

Curly hair is more at risk of drying out because of the curls themselves. With straight hair, the natural oil from the scalp easily travels down the hair, however with curls this takes longer and the oil is absorbed quicker through the top of the hair. This in turn results in frizz!

Hair Care Advice for Curly & Afro Textured Hair


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What can I do to protect my hair during the summer?

There are many ways to protect your hair during the hot and humid weather, each method designed to suit every hair type and texture.

36963134 1850486671657397 786360665961922560 n– Wear a hat or headscarf; The easiest way to protect your hair from the rays. We would suggest a silk headscarf as this is a lot more gentle on the hair and does not cause any friction.

– Use a UV Protection Spray; UV sprays are a must have, as they create a protective barrier between the hair and the sun. Think of it as sunscreen for the hair! We recommend Moroccan Oil Protect & Prevent Spray €22.95 available in all Hugh Campbell Hair Group salons.

– Invest in a deep conditioning home care routine;  As you look after your skin, remember to look after your hair. Indulge in weekly conditioning treatments at home to inject key nutrients back into the hair. We recommend leaving the treatment on over night to maximise the treatment.


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– Minimise the use of heat or use a heat protector; With heat already causing hair issues, try your best to stay away from your electrical styling tools. Instead, embrace your natural texture and style. We would recommend the Kerastase Discipline Thermique € 24.00.


To find out what products can help your specific hair type and texture, visit one of our four award-winning Limerick salons and our expert teams would be delighted to prescribe you a hair specific package to suit your needs.

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