Festival fun and space buns!

With festival season in full swing, the focus is solely on festival hair and how clients can style their locks, requiring minimal maintenance throughout the festival weekends. This season is fantastic for those looking to experiment with their look and push the boundaries. From vintage waves to contemporary braids, there are many different styles out there for those looking for the ultimate festival style.

Here are our top 5 festival looks for 2019!

Space Buns


The hottest trend of 2019 that can be seen at festivals across the world. This cheeky and cheerful style is perfect for those looking for a more creative style that is low maintenance, but will continue to look amazing for the duration.

Must have product: L’Oreal Techni Art Fix Anti Frizz


Double French braids

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This style is a favourite with festival goers at the moment as it is extremely low maintenance and looks amazing at all times. We recommend wearing this slightly looser than normal, giving an undone and relaxed feel.

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The bubble pony

DSC03755 1024x1024

A style made famous by session stylists around the world, the bubble pony is simple to create but is a statement look. Created using a few hair bands it can completely transform an overall look, and again is kept secure and looking incredible for all day and night.

Must have product: L’Oreal Professional Ring Light Pure Spray


Glam waves

Glam Waves 1

A favourite that always makes an appearance! Created by tonging or curling the hair, the style can last the duration when maintained correctly. However with the love of hair accessories at the moment, we are seeing the style being jazzed up with pearl clasps, simple gold head chains and beautiful hair charms.

Must have product: L’Oreal Professional Ring Light Pure Spray


Lines of glitter


As it says in the title – glitter! This can be used to jazz up any style, and we would recommend adding this to your parting line to create a statement look. This can also be scattered across the hair to add more sparkle!

Must have product: GLITTER!

Any of the above styles can be created by our stylists within the Hugh Campbell Hair Group. Book in for your festival consultation at any of our salons via the following link: https://www.hughcampbellhairgroup.com