Colour Techniques explained by the Colour Experts


When it comes to hair colour, the industry has changed and become slightly more complex. Throughout the years, techniques have changed and developed and become more advanced than ever before. With industry product houses such as L’Oreal, continually researching and developing new products, it’s essential to ensure you are up to date with the latest colouring techniques and trends to help you achieve your ultimate hair goals!

We hope to help you get a better understanding of the mainstream terminology being used so here is your Hugh Campbell Hair Group colour technique breakdown;


One of the most loved, historical colouring techniques used to brighten or break up colour. Highlights were the original way to achieve that beautiful sought after sun kissed look. This technique follows a more structured pattern, and can be applied either partially or fully throughout the hair using meche or foils . This type of colour often requires more regular maintenance.


Balayage has fast become one of the most loved colouring techniques of the modern day, and was in fact developed in the 1970’s! This is a lightening technique with the colour being applied free-handed onto the hair. This creates a softer, more natural looking colour with a beautiful blend. This is a very low maintenance colour option as roots are less noticeable as the hair begins to grow.


Often confused with Balayage, Ombre is something different – it’s a gradient colour. Generally lightener colour is placed on the bottom half of the hair and then blended upwards. This should give a caramel coloured mid band with a smooth blend working towards the end .

Semi Permanent

This colour illuminates your hair colour and can change or add more depth to your natural tone. They are the ideal colour choice for those looking for a low commitment colour as they gently fade out of the hair with washing, having been designed to last around 6-8 weeks.  Semi Permanent colours are the perfect introduction to hair colour or ideal for those who want to experiment with a new colour without the commitment . These do not have any ammonia included so are less damaging to the hair.  

Permanent Colour

As it says on the tin – permanent.  This colour opens the cuticle and allows the colour to penetrate the hair giving you 100% grey coverage. If you were looking to lighten, darken or match up  your natural hair colour, this would be the best option. This colour requires regular maintenance as it will need to be reapplied to accommodate new hair growth. 


Bleaching hair is a specialist colour service and something that requires a lot of care and maintenance at all times. It decolourises the pigment within the hair shift, leaving it more susceptible to damage. If opting for bleach, you should have not only a hair plan in place as this colour is high maintenance but also a conditioning treatment plan, to ensure the hair is kept as healthy as possible.  Our colour experts recommend using Olaplex or Smartbond when doing these specialist colour services in salon to protect the integrity of the hair. Discover out our full list of professional colour services here

With three salon teams from the Group through to the finals of the prestigious L’Oreal Colour Trophy taking place this May, you can be sure you are in the best hands when booking your next colour appointment. Call into any one of our Limerick Salons for a complimentary colour consultation to discuss your ideas or book your appointment here. Incredible colour is literally only a swipe or click away.  It’s time to take your colour to a whole new level.