James O’Dwyer Award-Winning Colourist Appointed as Manager at RIVER Hair Studio

James ODwyer Award-Winning Colourist Appointed as Manager at RIVER Hair StudioThe Hugh Campbell Hair Group is delighted to announce the appointment of James O’Dwyer as Salon Director (Manager) leading the award-winning team of highly skilled and talented stylists at  RIVER Hair Studio, Dock Road – Limericks Destination Colour Salon.

James is a long-standing member of the HCHG team, having most recently been the colour maestro at Melo Yelo Hairdressing. He is an award-winning colourist, with significant experience in both education and artistic direction, which means he is just as familiar with international competitions and prolific fashion photo shoots as he is with working his magic on the salon floor.

Widely recognised through the industry circles, when he isn’t working on the salon floor you could find him presenting colour workshops or launching products for international brands such as L’Oréal Professional. He has recently returned from London, where he took part in the launch of Instant Highlights, L’Oréal’s latest colour service.

James’ professional calling card is one of understanding each of his individual client’s needs: ‘Natural, beautiful and healthy hair only works when it fits in with the client’s lifestyle‘. This sharp focus on the meeting point of style and functionality coupled with his exceptional talent and technical expertise means that James has amassed a dedicated following.

You too can become part of his client base and experience all that is on offer at the River, the ultimate salon of colour. Book a consultation on 061310426 and step into Spring with a look that is fresh and tailored, just for you.