Covid-19 – Level 3 Update

Hugh Campbell Hair Salon Open 2

This week started on an anxious note for all of us as we headed into Level 3 of the National Plan for Living with Covid-19.  People are torn between rushing out to get things done in the event of further restrictions or staying at home. Here at the Hugh Campbell Hair Group, we’re taking every day as it comes. Our four salons are open and we continue to adhere to sectoral guidance on protective measures.  As the weekend approaches, we’re delighted to see that our clients are confident in our commitment.
We firmly believe that we are ALL in this together. We have a duty of care to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our clients and our team. The protocols and procedures will never be normal because one day, once the virus is overcome, our old ‘normal’ will return. Right now, though, they are what stand between us and Covid-19 so let’s keep maintaining social distance, cleaning our hands, wearing masks and looking out for each other. And let’s keep looking and feeling fabulous while we do it.

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