5 Things To Tell Your Stylist!

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Top Tips for Helping your Stylist from Hugh Campbell Hair Salons in Limerick

Our award winning team are experts in their craft and strive for perfection at all times. Each client is treated as an individual and every service is bespoke.

We love when our clients visit the salon whether it be for an appointment, to make an appointment or when just popping in to say hi.  However when you visit for your appointment at your local Hugh Campbell hair salon in Limerick  it’s important that you tell us as much as possible about your hair vision in order to help us help you achieve the look you want!

Here are our 5 top tips for helping your stylist;

1.    Bring in references

It can often be difficult to explain what you really want, therefore by bringing in visual references this helps your stylist envisage the final look and also gives them the chance to put together your hair plan to get you to the desired result. Look on instagram, in magazines or at celebrities for inspiration.


2.    Tell us about your lifestyle

Lifestyle factors play a huge role I your home haircare routine, therefore it’s essential that you discuss this with your stylist. Perhaps the look your after requires higher maintenance than others, your stylist will be able to offer advice on what could work better and how it would be best to handle this.


3.    Be honest

We want you to leave the salon looking and feeling amazing at all times. When you are discussing your hair plan with your stylist, be honest. perhaps they have suggested something that you don’t like – tell them. They will never be offended as they just want to make you happy! Honesty is the best policy.


4.    Ask questions

We love nothing more than chatting with our clients and love being asked questions. By asking questions you can find out alternative ways to style your hair along with ways to keep the colour looking and feeling incredible.


5.    Tell us your budget

We understand budgets can be an issue when it comes to the salon, so always discuss this with your stylist as there can be other options that may be financially better for you as an individual.


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