Redken Amino-mint Shampoo 300ml


Refresh and cleanse oily scalps with Redken Amino-mint Shampoo. 

Healthy hair starts with a balanced scalp. Excess oil and product build-up can cause an imbalanced pH. 

Amino mint shampoo is formulated with a pH of 5.0-5.6 to rebalance hair and soothe the scalp. 

The Amino acid strength complex lightly cleanses the hair and gently removes any excess build-up from the scalp. The formula is infused with peppermint extract giving you a soothing and cooling feeling on your scalp as you cleanse leaving your hair and scalp totally refreshed.  It also contains Cationic Polymer and Betaine fortifying the hair with light conditioning during cleansing to moisturise the hair and scalp. 

Redken Amino mint is a scalp relief cleansing shampoo suitable for all hair types and textures, looking to gently cleanse and refresh an oily scalp, remove excess build up and residue while maintaining adequate pH and moisture levels in the hair.

We find it works very well for anyone with fine hair as it is a nice light gel formula, anyone prone to greasy roots and dry ends or any product junkies who need a regular cleansing shampoo to remove excess styling products ie. dry shampoo’s, hairsprays, hair dust etc. 





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