Kérastase Première Decalcifying Repairing Pre-Shampoo Treatment 250ml



Transform the condition of your hair and return it closer to it’s original strength. with Kérastase Première Decalcifying Repairing Pre-Shampoo Treatment.

The dual-action decalcifying and repairing pre-shampoo treatment is suitable for all damaged hair. 

The formula consists of 3% Citric Acid which works to remove excess calcium and eliminates calcium buildup leading to breakage and Glycine reinforces hair strength by reconnecting broken keratin links, leaving it stronger, smoother, and shinier.

Women in test trials felt their hair looked radically healthier and easier to manage after using the Kérastase Première routine.

How To

Apply 4/5 pumps of the pre-shampoo treatment to wet hair in four sections.  Leave in for 5 minutes. Do not rinse.

Layer the Decalcifying Repairing Shampoo directly on top and proceed to shampoo.

Follow with the Première Anti-Rigidity Decalcifying Repairing Conditioner





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